5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Diesel Tuner

By TeamBD on   8/23/2016

 The day you bought your Bully Dog diesel tuner, you got off to a good start in the quest to improve vehicle performance. But to reach peak performance, there is still some work to be done. These five steps will put you well on your way.


 1. Work with your dealer on custom tunes.

The more thought you’ve given to your performance needs, and the parameters you’d like to adjust, the better your custom tuning dealer can tailor tunes to meet and exceed your expectations. Try out your stock tunes first to see which parameters are most important to your needs, and let that educate your custom tunes.


 2. Keep a close eye on gauges.

Your gauge tuner provides valuable, real-time performance data that helps you adjust parameters for all the different ways you use your vehicle. Your gauges will also help indicate when it’s best to engage off-road features on the fly. Make sure you can always keep track of performance by putting your tuner where you can see it, using Bully Dog’s line of mounts and mounting accessories.


 3. Use Update Agent to download product updates.

Mobile devices work best when running the most current software. Bully Dog provides a free software download on its website that ensures that your tuner is always functioning at its best, and running on the latest technology.


 4. Pair your tuner with a good, high-capacity turbocharger or cold-air intake.

Your tuner can help you get the most from your engine and other key components. But the laws of physics still apply, and improving air flow will go a long way toward raising the ceiling on performance.


 5. Make use of performance testing software.

Bully Dog’s free performance testing software enables users to transfer logged performance data from the tuner to your PC. Taking the time to compare larger sets of performance data helps you make more informed decisions on mods and custom tunes.