Tuning Makes it Easy to Conquer Tough Diesel Tasks

By TeamBD on   9/26/2016

You bought a diesel so that you can put its extraordinary low-end power to good use, taking on tough terrain and performing the most demanding jobs with ease. You ask a lot from your engine, so it’s important to outfit your vehicle to exceed your expectations, no matter what the conditions. That’s where a diesel tuner comes in. By adjusting parameters pivotal to diesel performance, your vehicle can better conquer all the difficult tasks you ask of it.


1. Haul larger payloads with power.  
Your truck may have come with a huge payload capacity, but that means you’ll need all the torque you can get your hands on to accelerate up hills when you’re carrying those heavy loads. Your Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner can increase throttle sensitivity so you get more low-end power when you need it.

2. Take towing capacity to new heights.
A major reason to go diesel is because it has plenty of torque and towing capacity to go along with it. But when you are towing big trailers or vehicles across great distances, you often need more power than stock tuning can provide. Not only does an engine tuner improve overall low-end performance, it allows you to monitor turbocharger boost pressure when you need extra muscle for towing. Monitoring and adjusting for better air flow into and out of the engine can also improve horsepower while at highway speeds. 

3. Tackle tough off-road terrain.
You bought a rugged vehicle, so you want it to be at its best in tough conditions and on uneven terrain. The Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel has key off-road features like disabling the Tire Pressure Monitoring System when you need to air down for better traction, speedometer correction when you change tire size, and a power take-off (PTO) feature that works with your hydraulic pump to help power winches and rams.

4. Spend less at the pump. 
Good fuel economy is another hallmark of diesel engines, but as diesel owners quickly discover, that doesn’t mean you pay a lot less at the pump. Though diesels get up to 20% better fuel economy than gas engines, fuel costs are usually higher. So it’s still important to keep fuel consumption in check with engine tuner features like a speed limiter and idle shutdown timer.

5. Get your diesel engine running cleaner.
For all their benefits in terms of power and fuel economy, diesels can have a bad rep when it comes to emissions. A tuner can help clear soot from your engine components, and improve filtration so you’re running cleaner and more efficiently. Two key features you can control with a tuner are stationary and mobile regeneration, which allow you to get rid of soot accumulation in the diesel particulate filter, while parked or when driving.