Introducing the GTX Watchdog

By Team BD on   4/3/2017

Bully Dog® was pleased to unveil our groundbreaking new monitoring device at SEMA 2016, and is excited to now be shipping to you–our loyal customers!
GTX Watchdog, optimized for 2013+ Dodge® Cummins® vehicles, is a revolutionary leap forward in performance monitoring – packed with features and our most advanced hardware to date. GTX Watchdog starts up incredibly fast (even when remote starting the vehicle), and is super responsive, sporting a 5-inch capacitive touch screen that rivals today’s smartphones. Optimized for Cummins, GTX Watchdog gives drivers the ability to monitor the industry’s most extensive SAE and Cummins-specific PIDs, or engine parameters, on an easy-to-use device. High-resolution customizable gauges and WiFi connectivity add to the truly unparalleled user experience.
Drivers can log vehicle performance data as they drive–and play it back later using Bully Dog’s free LiveLink software. GTX Watchdog also gives users greater insight into their truck by reading out and clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). Bully Dog’s unique grab n’ go magnetic mounting system allows the device to be kept front-and-center while driving, and then quickly stowed away when not in use. Finally, for those who want to further edge out the competition, GTX Watchdog can unlock 2013+ Cummins vehicles for tuning using the included Bully Dog Cummins Unlock Cable.