Performance Picks for Dad

By TeamBD on   6/19/2016

Help him get the most from all those hours spent working on his truck and more importantly, get him out from under the hood and onto the road enjoying improved power and performance. 

The Bully Dog GT Platinum allows Dad to track and adjust parameters like shift firmness, axle-gear ratio, so he can get more horsepower and torque from his powertrain. Its intuitive, easy-to-read display helps him keep an eye on key data and still focus on the road ahead.

Bully Dog Platinum GT comes in gas and diesel versions, preloaded with tunes to get him started. It also has space for up to 10 custom tunes, so whether Dad wants to take his truck off road, tow a trailer, or get better mileage on the highway, there’s a tune to get it done.



The GT Platinum Gas Tuner wins high marks from Jeep and truck owners looking to take on rough terrain. With more control over axle lockers, traction, sway bars and axle-gear ratios, he’ll be able to navigate even the most demanding trail.


The GT Platinum Diesel Tuner takes powerful Duramax, HEMI and Cummins engines to new levels, no matter how heavy the payload or what they might be towing. Dad can keep his big diesel engine running strong and clean, by keeping an eye on performance data like shift firmness as well as coolant, transmission and exhaust temperatures.


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