Ford EcoBoost Tuning

We all love our trucks. They haul our toys, cart away our junk, wade through mud with ease, sound wicked with a good exhaust, are a blast to tinker with and are a ton of fun to drive. They’re powerful, rugged, tough extensions of our identity. Trucks are awesome.

Ford gets this. When they engineered the new EcoBoost engines, they created a gas engine with the torque of a diesel and a ton of horsepower potential, making this peppy little half-ton a blast to drive and the truck of choice for recreational towers everywhere.

Bully Dog has improved on this already great engine with their EcoBoost products, and arranged to demonstrate that at their annual Dog Days of Summer event in 2012: they pitted two identical F-150s equipped with the 3.5L EcoBoost engine against each other. One was left completely stock, and the other was outfitted with Bully Dog’s Rapid Flow Cold Air Intake and GT Gas tuner.

In both the dyno challenge and the towing challenge, the results were dramatic. Bully Dog products added 83 horsepower on the dyno, and enabled the EcoBoost outfitted with Bully Dog products to easily win a 500 ft dirt drag race pulling a camper by several truck lengths.

Even better, the good folks over at Horsepower TV did their own test of the same awesome products on Ford’s revolutionary EcoBoost, and announced their results on Sunday: even with a 5% load added to their dyno test, their numbers were astonishing: a gain of 41 horsepower (and 44 lbs/ft of torque) over their stock baseline. Not too shabby!

Check out the Eco Boost Tuning on this episode of HorsePower.

GT Gas Tuner
   2011 Eco Boost Intake