Tuner Power and Performance Testing Features

Our mainstay and the entire reason we are in this business is to provide high quality engine tuning aimed at improving your driving experience. We tune vehicles to perform at every point in the RPM range and we always look to other areas of improvement, such as the transmission, so you can experience excellent performance in any driving situation you encounter. Just take a look at the dyno chart below.

Sample Dyno Chart

Performance Testing
Driving Coach Display The Performance testing available on PMT, GT, and WatchDog will accurately calculate and record a vehicles 1/4 mile times and everything in between. The performance testing allows the user the ability to trigger a performance test based upon when the vehicle begins rolling or based on a custom designed drag racing tree that is displayed on screen.

Record and display performance results:

Our free software program will download performance tests that were performed on the device to a PC and allow the user to analyze their performance runs. Use this software to analyze speed curves, RPM, horsepower and torque and even get a time slip that is printable and can be emailed. Software is available here.

Performance Testing Software