New Cold Air-Intakes for Ford F-150

By TeamBD on   1/16/2017

You’re always looking to rise to new challenges, and with Bully Dog®’s RFI Cold Air Intake, your Ford® F-150 will be able to dig deeper for that extra horsepower and torque you’ll need to take performance to the next level. A precision-engineered design and high-quality, durable construction help increase air flow, cut down on turbulence and lower intake temperature resulting an in increase of 10 to 15 rear-wheel horsepower and 10 to 30 rear-wheel foot-pounds of torque over the stock intake.

The power boost, along with improved fuel efficiency, enables 5.0L and 2.7 & 3.5L EcoBoost engines take on the toughest tasks, like hauling big payloads logging heavy highway miles, and towing a trailer over difficult terrain.


The Bully Dog® RFI Cold Air Intake for Ford® F-150 can be installed in 20 minutes or less, and comes with a lifetime reusable filter and one-year warranty, so you can get long-lasting results without a lot of fuss. To get an even greater performance boost when and where you need it most, ask your dealer about pairing the Cold Air Intake with Bully Dog performance tuning.